The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of eCommerce

Let's cut right to the chase. The world of eCommerce and marketing can be broken down into three distinct groups, as per statistics via Forrester.

The Good: Nearly 70% of consumers purchase online regularly.

The Bad: More than 40% of retailers said that their marketing cost per order increased in the past year, while another 46% said their new customer acquisition costs increased.

The Ugly: Customers continue to receive messaging and advertising that is not relevant to them which leads to conversions rates as low as 2.6%.

The underlying cause of these high costs and low conversion is sub-optimal alignment between marketing and commerce from a process, technology, and data perspective. In other words: SILO. Yes that four letter word – literally and figuratively, is at the heart of the matter and root of the cause.

However, what if we told you that commerce and marketing platforms no longer had to sit in their own silos?

Well it's true and in our new eBook Five Ways Marketing Can Drive Higher Online Commerce Revenue, we look at what best-in-class companies are doing to deliver more consistent experiences that drive commerce revenue and more consistent customer experiences across marketing channels and identify the five ways they are making a difference.

  1. Use Commerce Data to Inform Top-of-Funnel Acquisition

  2. Improve Targeting By Building a Comprehensive Profile for Commerce and Marketing

  3. Let Offline Behavior Fuel the Right Commerce Messaging

  4. Improve Conversions with Cross-Channel Retargeting

  5. Create Brand Advocates and Long-Term Customer Relationships to Drive Retention and Cross-Sell Opportunities

For each of the above we also the key tactics needed for implementation, key stakeholders, use case examples and much more.

Download the Five Ways Marketing Can Drive Higher Online Commerce Revenue and learn how to build long-term relationships and brand advocates in the process.

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