When it Comes to Marketing Platforms Extensible Is More Sensible

When you want to take advantage of additional marketing technology required for your specific business needs, you’re at the mercy of your marketing platform’s integration framework. Extensible platforms provide a richer and more integrated user experience. Toggling back and forth between systems is nonsensical.

Here are some advantages of sensible integration.

Innovation on Fire. Marketing technology and the ad tech space are on fire! Extensible platforms ignite innovation. Marketing can now provide more functional value and create more business value without needing IT help.

Meaningful Integrations. Best in class companies choose an open marketing cloud platform that provides rich extensibility capabilities so innovative third-party app providers can build deeper and more meaningful integrations.

Richer Experiences. Marketers want a richer solution where the marketing cloud platform and partner applications work in harmony to deliver a superior user experience.

Deeper Means Less Complex

You only need to look back on the history of application integration to understand the winning strategy. Deeper doesn’t mean more complex. The deeper the integration, the simpler the experience.

Deep integration capabilities within marketing platforms and apps take longer for vendors to develop, but far less time and cost for marketers to deploy. You don’t want a DIY integration experience where you wait and pray. Extensible integration gives you get a better user experience with APIs that plug and play. Technically speaking, that’s what a partnership is all about: It’s where both parties are committed to providing deep integrations.

Extending your Modern Marketing capabilities should be easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Fully integrated applications that meet your business needs without IT help that’s time consuming to schedule and expensive to budget.
  2. Flexibility and choice in selecting applications that are the most important and deliver immediate value.
  3. Online marketplace and user community to browse a variety of applications and consult with those who have done it before. .

Data Now for the Future

Every day we are working with our partners on extensible integrations and new initiatives that make sense to Modern Marketers by increasing their productivity and business impact. No need to toggle back and forth as deep integrations provide a seamless user experience. And when you decide to take the step and extend your capabilities, look for a platform that offers the largest ecosystem of partners offering a wide variety of extensible applications.

For more ways and best practices when it comes to data, download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management. This guide uncovers tips to help marketers define marketing and communication goals with a data audit, be more strategic with the information you’re collecting and accessing and a lot more.

Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Ryan Buma, Vice President, AppCloud, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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