The Best Marketers Know Marketing is an Art AND a Science

Being a writer means I am a "word" guy. I cannot tell you how many debates I had in my career with art directors over what's more important: the words or the visual. I had visions of these debates dancing in my head while reading an article published yesterday on AdWeek entitled The Future of Marketing Is Not a Fait Accompli Origins of art vs. science.

The opening line to the article, which features a Q&A with Oracle Marketing Cloud General Manager Kevin Akeroyd, sets the table right off the bat with this query: Is marketing an art, a science or both? Through the course of the piece three things become abundantly clear:

  1. Marketing is both an Art AND a Science.
  2. The best marketers in the world know this and know the right balance to strike between the two to achieve AND maintain success.
  3. The technology needed to do "the heavy lifting" as Akeroyd says, to find this balance already exists.

It's a great piece and I highly recommend reading it. Here's a few highlights to whet your appetite.

  • Marketing has always aspired to be more than an art. "Art vs. science" is only the latest chapter in the age-old tension between creatives and geeks.
  • For the last few decades the balance was weighted toward creatives.
  • But, with the digital revolution and mounds of data now available, the pendulum shifted too far in the other direction.
  • There must be a balance between the soul (creatives) and the brain (data science).
  • The sweet spot occurs when brands leverage technology innovations as they happen while not forsaking art in the process.

The key is to find the balance of art and science to deliver the best possible cross channel marketing experience each time, every time.

For how to best deliver the cross channel experience download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing.

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