Marketing Automation Without Structure is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Ok perhaps I turned the hyperbole dial up too far with my title but then again, I did want to make the point perfectly clear that while marketing automation is very important, doing so without any structure behind it is about as effective as following Archie around with a bullhorn yelling "buy stuff!"

Who is Archie you ask?

Well I'll get to him in a second. The fact is it is extremely vital to deliver content to your customers that is relevant to them and delivered to them when they want and how they want it, via which medium.

With a solid structure in place to support marketing automation that's precisely what can and will happen.

It all comes down to cross-channel marketing done right.

Now, as for Archie. He plays an important role in the next episode of Journey to Modern Marketing for he is representative of your customer in many ways. Watch the video below and pay close attention not only to Archie but also to how the right structure supporting marketing automation makes all the difference.

Then after you've watched the video you'll want to download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing to take a deeper dive into the journey to find out how you can enhance your organization's cross channel strategy.


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