[TODAY] I’m Oli Gardner, Co-Founder of Unbounce. Ask Me Anything


Fun fact: I’ve seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet, and part of that painstaking and often nosebleed-inducing exercise is that I get to see some really cool and awful things.

If you’re running marketing campaigns – and who isn’t amirite? – then landing pages matter to you.

Got a conversion question burning a hole in your brain pocket? Wanna know about that time I almost got trampled by bison?

Or maybe you heard I just wrote an ebook on Attention-Driven Design and wanna chat about how data and design can work together.

I’m also working on a massive conversion framework called The Four Corners of Conversion: Understanding the Intersection of Copy, Design, Interaction and Psychology – so you can hit me up about that too.

Essentially, I’m an open book and you can literally ask me anything.

I’ll be answering questions live right here

today (September 25th) at 1 – 3 PM EST (10 AM – 12 PM PST).

What are you waiting for? Add some questions in the comments below and I’ll rock the answers for you.

— Cheers, Oli G

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