This Carmaker Uses Data To Steer Its Way To Cross Channel Marketing Gold

The road to cross channel marketing gold, or success is paved with many obstacles. But one surefire way to navigate your way through and around these obstacles by using the right data management platform. That's the secret to one luxury carmaker as laid out in a new Adweek piece entitled Lexus Takes a Deep Dive Into Cross-Channel Customer Behavior Driving loyalty.

The carmaker is Lexus and like many other companies and brands across the world, they had a lot of information about consumers, but that data was trapped in channel-based silos.

As Charles Cooper wrote in his Adweek piece, not only was the data in silos, the brand was also dealing with the emergence of new marketing channels, which were emerging at a faster rate that the marketing dollars allocated to utilize the channels in the first place.

"At the same time," writes Cooper, "it was important to speak to consumers consistently across channels and throughout the shopping journey."

Watershed Change

In what Cooper refers to as a "watershed change" Lexus incorporated the Data Management Platform (DMP) from Oracle Marketing Cloud which provided granular insights into its customers which in turn helped paved the way to cross channel marketing gold.

"I think we really surprised everyone with what we were able to accomplish," says Jeanice Lee, director of digital, social and relationship management at Lexus, adding that thanks to the DMP they were able to quantify how many customers were touched across all channels, where those customers came from and what actions they took on their journeys.

"The modern marketer needs a window into customers' behaviors, attributes and preferences at every touch point across every possible channel," adds Kevin Akeroyd, SVP and GM, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

To learn more about using cross-channel marketing, download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing.

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