Who Says CMOs Have to Choose Between Reach and Focus?

There's this fabulous restaurant my family and I frequent quite often. The food is amazing. The service is outstanding. And the price is not outrageous by any means.

The only knock I have on it is a self-imposed limitation they place on their patrons. It is the classic "you can have one from Column A and one from Column B" kind of mentality and thinking that is prevalent and pervasive and it drives me absolutely crazy. If I want more than one thing from a given column, let me have it!

Of course one technically get more than one thing but it's price prohibitive in a big way to do it.

I have asked the owner why they maintain such an archaic method and you'll never guess what his reply was.

"It's how we've always done it."

One of my all-time favorite catch-all replies.

CMOs Can Get All They Want From Any Column

So let's take the above scenario and juxtapose it onto the world of marketing. Let's say a CMO wants to be to expand the reach of a campaign while still focusing efforts around one big idea. Can't be done, right? Can't have more than one item from each column, remember?

Well according to Oracle Marketing Cloud GM and SVP Kevin Akeroyd, the perception has become reality. "I think that when it comes down to it, marketers believe that reach and focus are mutually exclusive because they’re operating in a fragmented world," he told AdWeek's Bryan Bartlett in his article Why Scaling Your Tech and Focusing on Big Ideas Are Not Mutually Exclusive.

Akeroyd clarified the title, however, in saying that the idea that you can expand your reach without compromising on focus is only a false promise if you’re relying on the wrong technology.

"Without the right marketing technology it’s really harder and more expensive than ever to deliver a consistent and personalized brand experience throughout the customer lifecycle," adds Akeroyd.

That's precisely we partnered with The CMO Club earlier this year on the CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms. Download the guide and see the results of a survey of over 100 marketing leaders plus the five key solutions we identified to help CMOs and marketing leaders tackle the challenge of providing a seamless customer experience across all marketing channels via the use of technology – the right technology that is.


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