Matt Heinz: Social Media Integration is Key to Its Business Success

Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing shares his thoughts on social marketing in the following video.

Social media marketing will continue to become more important to businesses as it become more integrated into the business. This will happen as social channels stop being shiny objects and become tools that help companies accomplish their business goals to support customers and prospects.

1. Build relationships

Businesses need to understand how their customers and prospects want to communicate with them, and by all indications, that is social media. Companies with millennial customers need to take that even further than just social channels, and include messaging apps like Snapchat. Marketers have always known that they need to be where their customers and prospects are to build relationships with them. Discovering the right social channels is a step in that direction.

2. Generate loyalty with customers

Once a prospect becomes a customer, the goal is to keep them happy. Retention is key to maintaining a growing business, especially with the explosion of subscription-based models. Many companies provide customer success managers for their larger customers, or most important customers, but ultimately that cannot scale across all customers. Explore how social media channels can provide the resources to keep customers in your camp. It is not only important to reduce churn, but to create advocates who help market your products or services.

3. Match what customers are trying to achieve with what we’re trying to sell

As customers continue to gain more power in the relationship between them and their vendors, it only becomes more apparent that they don’t care about your products. They care about solutions to their problems. Social media is a conduit for the helpful content you can provide to solve their business problems. This creates awareness. Once you build that trust, the conversation around how your products or services can solve their specific problems. You can look at trends in your business to understand how prospects are finding you and where they are in their buying cycle to understand how quickly social media is having an impact in your business.

My favorite quote from this short video with Matt is that “technology and content is replacing media as the coin of the realm for marketers.”

To learn more about getting started with social media marketing in your own realm, download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Social Marketing.

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