What Is Going Green And How To Accomplish It

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What Is Going Green?

Many people hear the words “going green” and are not exactly sure of what “going green” means. Going green simply means not doing anything that causes harm to the environment. For example- Currently we are using fossil fuels and out dated technology such as: fuel powered cars and air planes, buildings that are made of trees that we need to clean our air and electricity to power our homes that cause damage to our environment. Going green would mean utilizing an alternative to these things. We could replace the fuel driven cars and jets with electric cars and Mag Lev technology. Instead of using trees for houses we could use hemp. An alternative to burning coal and fossil fuels would be geo thermal, wind power, solar power, magnet power, wave turbines and many more.

The Effects on the Economy

A lot of people are worried that going green would be bad for the economy or would make us primitive but in actuality the opposite is true. Let’s take fossil fuels for example. Let’s imagine that we did away with fossil fuels. We could replace them with magnet technology, solar, wind, geo thermal and many more. These green energy alternatives are clean, renewable, affordable and easy to maintain. These things alone would reduce overall energy costs to about one tenth what we’re paying now. To put that into perspective that would mean instead of paying four dollars a gallon for fuel that pollutes the air you would be paying about forty cents for electricity that is clean and renewable. Your electric bill would go from $100.00 to about $10.00. An alternative to cutting down trees would be to use hemp. (not to be confused with marijuana) You can build a building with hemp for at least half the cost and make it twice as strong without having to insulate it. Hemp has some of the strongest, longest lasting fibers on the planet and can be grown and produced for a fraction of the cost of lumber. In short, the effects on the economy if we were to do these things would be extraordinary. It would raise the standard of living and lower the cost of living tremendously.

How to Apply These Things in Your Daily Life?

When going green it is not only not necessary but almost impossible to go from one extreme to the other. I would start small. Start recycling and keep an eye out for recycled or green products. Get a small solar kit to charge your small appliances with. Get a wind turbine for your home or start growing or purchasing organic food that is free of chemicals. Start taking small steps and get comfortable. You might also want to consider getting involved in groups and signing petitions that are involved in going green. With the technology age these things are widely available and easy to be a part of. Not to mention they are a great way to make friends and meet people.

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