Oracle Named Leader in SiriusDecisions Marketing Automation 2015 SiriusView Report

As the Martech explosion has taken place Cross-Channel Marketing Automation platforms have remained the focal point of B2B marketing strategies. This sudden rise of new marketing technology is little wonder given the dramatic change that has occurred in buying processes: "Buyers are 60% through their decision process before engaging with a sales person" according to research by Google and Executive Board.

This change in behavior has caused marketers to demand more and more from their technology choices so that they can deliver on the contextualized experiences that prospects demand. As evidence of this Blue Research found that "Fully 94% of customers have discontinued communications with a company because they receive irrelevant promotions and messages."

SiriusDecisions has been at the forefront when it comes to research and analysis of the B2B Marketing Automation space. Their 2015 SiriusView Report compares the leading vendors of B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. When Sirius conducts its comparison of vendors a broad range of criteria is taken into consideration, such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, web personalization, sales enablement and many more.

After completion of their analysis Sirius named Oracle the leader. Oracle Eloqua scored "above industry standard" to "far above industry standard" in 10 of 11 categories. Much of this can be attributed to the continued strategic investment by Oracle. According to the report, Sirius attributed Oracle's programmatic site retargeting, lead scoring, and it global presence as key factors.

To learn more about Oracle Eloqua as the leader in the SiriusDecisions Marketing Automation 2015 SiriusView Report, download the full report.

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