Why the Word Relevant is More Important Than Ever for CMOs

I came across this chart below via MarketingCharts.com and right off the bat one stat jumped off the screen at me in the context of a CMO and marketers.

Can you guess which one it was?

It is the fact that 73% of Americans consider technology to be too distracting. Yes, I realize this reflects American adults only but my assumption is we would see similar numbers in other parts of the world.

So what does that mean for marketers?

Well that's easy, at least in my humble opinion. It means consumers and shoppers and buyers and anyone else who's a potential purchaser of your service, product or ware – who oh by the way is more than likely on 2-3 different devices a day – has a very limited attention window, if you will.

Think about it.

How much noise and clutter there is right now – and I'm not even talking about marketing and advertising messages. From the apps to the games to the videos, there is so much "stuff" that's fighting for the attention of YOUR customer or buyer – the need to be relevant has never been more important.

The Nine Letter Word Every Marketer Needs To Remember At All Times

That's the title of a Forbes post I wrote in January of 2014. The nine letter word is "relevancy" and to drive home by point then was, ironically, something from MarketingCharts.com as well. The chart below reflects the findings of research regarding people's actions after receiving irrelevant content.

Here are some other findings from that same survey which I shared via my Forbes post:

*96% of consumers acknowledge having received mis-targeted promotional information

*94% have taken steps to break off communication

*64% of consumers using social login are more likely to return to a website that remembers them without a username and password

*60% find suggested products/promotions based on their social login profile information useful

*49% of respondents who use social login would allow mobile phone apps to offer special in-store offers

So now juxtapose everything together and you have consumers who are already distracted receiving irrelevant content in the first place.

That my friends is a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately there is help in the form of The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms.

We partnered with The CMO Cub and surveyed your fellow CMOs to get their insights into how they utilize the technologies and platforms to deliver relevant content across a seamless cross-channel experience.

Download your copy today.


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