How to Generate Sales Leads Using Personality Quizzes

Imagine using a personality quiz that your audience loves to bring in leads that you know a ton about and can be followed up with in a human way.

That is possible, and today we’re going to look at how to do it for your brand.

There are three steps in this process, and by the end you’ll know how to create a piece of content that is not only share-able and enjoyable for your audience, but also brings in targeted, sales-ready leads.

Step 1: Identify a popular quiz related to your brand

It’s not a secret that the same types of quizzes have been popular since the 1920’s when they were physically printed in Cosmopolitan to 2013, when Buzzfeed jumped on the scene and re-popularized the web quiz.

Because of that continual interest over time, certain quiz concepts have remained popular for a very long span. Titles like “What Color are You?” or “Which Celebrity are You Most Like?” or “Which is Your Spirit Animal?” have truly stood the test of time.

When thinking about running a quiz to promote your brand, pick the one closest to your cause. A stellar example of this kind of “matching” comes from the World Wildlife Fund, who chose to run a “Who is Your Animal Soulmate?” quiz as a lead generation campaign.

One practical way to find a popular quiz in your niche is to use a tool like Buzzsumo and just type in “quiz + (my industry)” and it will return all kinds of results.

Step 2: Adapt that quiz to your needs

Once you’ve chosen your quiz idea it’s time to customize it to your brand so it conveys the same quality that you provide for all of your content.

There are three parts to this.

1. Title: You usually don’t want to leave the title exactly how you found it. Instead, adapt it to your brand by adding your name or personalizing it to what you focus on. For the World Wildlife Fund, it was “Who is Your Animal Soulmate?” (A Valentine’s Day quiz), instead of the traditional “Which Animal are You?” It’s subtle differentiation, but makes a difference.

2. Questions: The questions and answers of a quiz are where you get a chance to make the biggest brand identification because you can use your own voice. Using your own style to writing actually increases conversions

3. Results: Each quiz result is personalized to the person who took the quiz based on how they answered the questions. You should make everyone feel good about themselves, so they’ll share their results.

Step 3: Bring in leads and follow-up in a personalized way to drive sales

The real value of using a quiz for your brand is in collecting leads you can sell to. There are two steps to getting this right.

Promise value: Give a reason why people should subscribe (other than just to see their results). In the WWF case, it’s to get exciting travel offers.

Be honest: Tell people how you will communicate with them and the frequency of your messages. This will help set things off on a good path to a long and healthy connection for the future.

The Follow-Up:

Immediately: Thanks for taking our quiz!

Right after someone opts-in through a quiz, they’re probably a bit worried about what it is that some random company who made a quiz is going to do with their information. That’s why sending an immediate “Thanks! And Hi!” email is so vital to the success of converting your leads.

After the quiz: Send Content related to the quiz: With marketing automation it’s possible to send people targeted messages based on the lead source, so take advantage of that and continue to send content related to your quiz when following up with contacts acquired through it.

Eventually (after 3-4 emails) you can start to work in CTA’s to actually convert people. Keep it light though, these people opted-in through a quiz after all.

Quizzes are a visceral form of content. We love talking about ourselves and we love learning about ourselves, and quizzes allow for both. You can use a quiz for a very practical purpose (lead generation), by just following the three simple steps above, you will be surprised by the results if you do!

Once you start generating these leads, you need a lead scoring model in place. Download the Lead Scoring Guide for Modern Marketers to learn how.

Author's Bio: Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, which lets companies generate quizzes to engage customers and generate leads.

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