Share Raw Data Across Teams with Scheduled Data Exports

If you’re building a data-driven culture or already are data-driven (hi-five!), you’re probably looking at the same reports frequently. In order to help you save time and easily share more data with your team, we’re announcing the ability to schedule a raw data export so you and your team can share the data via email.

Scheduling exports is easy. Simply run your report, save your report, and click the Schedule button:


You’ll be able to take your favorite report (currently available for Funnel, People, Cohort, and Revenue Reports) and schedule it to send weekly or monthly. Schedule as many to your heart’s content!


The great thing is that you can automate emails to send data to yourself, your team, or even people outside of your company so that everyone can get a pulse on marketing performance.

If you have specific data that your team needs without logging into Kissmetrics, you can now automate the delivery of that data so you don’t have to manually login, download the data, and email it to them. Just schedule your report to send to them and get on with your day.

Say you have a new executive at your company and you want to add them to multiple reports. You can view and edit all of your scheduled reports in the management area, and add their email to each report.


Does your team prefer communicating over Slack? Well, you can schedule a report to notify Slack channels. Let’s say your marketing team wants to see campaign data or conversion rates for your marketing site – you can schedule a Slack notification with the Funnel Report to the team channel and avoid flooding inboxes.


We hope Scheduled Data Exports helps you save time so that you can spend more time creating campaigns and growing your customer base.

Need more details? Check out our support documentation on scheduled report exports.

About the Author: Chuck Liu is the Director of Growth at Kissmetrics.

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