4 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Introduce a Data Management Strategy

Meeting audience expectations of relevance and value is our responsibility as marketers. It’s critical for content, messaging, and offers to enable and inspire – without which we can’t possibly optimize engagement and boost purchases.

The way to do this effectively is by leveraging data. Never before have we been privileged with the influence and value of substantial data that enables us to build uniquely defined audience profiles.

If uncovering the value in data seems daunting to your team and/or organization, you’re not alone. Challenge is imminent. Whether you’re looking to get started with a data management strategy from scratch, or considering the implementation of a data management platform, check out our eBook “Maximize Your Marketing: Eight Questions to Ask as You Introduce a Data Management Strategy.”

The following offers a glimpse into the first four questions to get your data gears going!

1. How Mature is My Organization? The right questions at this stage will help fuel how you apply the data you have and give you insight into what you need moving forward. This is central in determining how you will operationalize your ongoing data management business. Treating it as a business investment with an eye toward a shared services capability and model for the long term is key.

2. What Do My Customers Need or Expect? Be sure to align the right advocates and stakeholders in your organization to help plot out what customer success looks like.

3. What Are My Internal Challenges and How Will Change Happen? One of the biggest project management challenges for many organizations is that they just don’t know where to begin. They’re reticent to spend too much, afraid they won’t use data management to its fullest extent, or are concerned they won’t see a significant return on investment (ROI) from a DMP purchase.

4. What Are the Implications of DMP on Data Security and Privacy? If you’re adopting a DMP, the platform you choose must have the right capabilities in place to bolster data security and ensure there’s no leakage. Many DMPs have those security protocols built in, though some companies may feel the need to add additional security to meet their own specific needs.

To learn 4 additional questions to ask yourself as you introduce a data management strategy, download Maximize Your Marketing: Eight Questions to Ask as You Introduce a Data Management Strategy.


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