Using Data in Holiday Planning and Other Data News

Welcome back to The Friday Five, your weekly five-part curated content This weeks topic: Data.

A Guide to Data-Driven Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is upon us! For digital marketing professionals—whether you’re an SEO, social media marketer, web dev, etc.—this means it’s time to beef up your online marketing strategies. Why? Because according to a study, consumers will spend about $650 billion at both retail and online stores.

How can your business gain a piece of the $650 billion pie? This infographic from Pixel Road Designs (the company of our Chief Social Media Strategist, Brent Csutoras) shows you how to supercharge your marketing and improve your sales this holiday.

Read the full story on Search Engine Journal.

Marketing data, analytics poised for growth in 2016

This past year saw marketers expanding their use of data and analytics to drive campaigns and increase engagement with customers, and experts agree that 2016 will continue this trend.

Digital Analytics Association board chair Jim Sterne believes that the year ahead will bring some focus to the analytics tools and tactics that marketers have been getting a feel for in recent years.

"Looking into 2016, I see more organizations getting serious about the analytics they have been fumbling with for years," Sterne told Marketing Land. "We got a tool and thought that was enough. Then we hired some people and thought that was enough. Now we understand the need for a shift in corporate culture to take advantage of the people, process and technologies we've implemented."

Read the the full story on Fierce CMO.

Why Visualization Matters in Data and Content Marketing

Data is a powerful tool in content marketing, but it can be hard for readers to understand unless it’s presented well. One solution is providing a visual breakdown of the data in a context that’s easier for the average web user to read or scan.

Let’s take a look at how data visualization content marketing could work for your business.

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6 Ways to Use Social Data for Targeted Marketing

We live in a digitally connected world, and that means more people than ever are leaving digital signals for marketers to follow as they use mobile apps, social media, email in-boxes and so on. And here’s the good news. People actually want marketers to follow — just not too closely. It’s all about being awesome with people, and that means being customer focused rather than obsessing over how personalized your marketing should be.

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Automation To Personalize Email Marketing Campaigns Requires Lots Of Data

Automated messaging, triggered by data-driven customer insights, is an increasingly popular email marketing strategy. In fact, 96% of marketers saw open rates improve with email personalization strategies, according to a recent Venture Beat Insights report.

Yet less than a handful of Email Insider Summit attendees expressed that they were currently happy with their email automation programs. A majority even agreed with Talavera’s question, “Who feels like they’re walking but would like to run? Or crawling when they would like to walk?”

Read the full story on Media Post.

Want more? Good because we have more in the form of the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management. Download it today and see for yourself how a solid plan for how you take in, process, handle, and apply data can bring about amazing results.

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