Sharing Experiences With Customers and Prospects to Increase Sales

Not long Oracle Marketing Cloud brought together six of the world's best Marketing Master Chefs. The idea was to, yes you guessed it, get their recipes for success. A bit cliche'd perhaps but very successful as well. Last month we shared with you 4 Steps to Align Your Cooks In the Marketing Kitchen via master chef Anthony Schurz, the Online Marketing Manager at Box.

Today's recipe comes from Rachel Truair, who at the time was PetRelocation’s Chief of Staff and who has since joined the Oracle Marketing Cloud team. Her recipe involves shared examples of PetRelocation’s excellent service and feedback from happy customers to all prospective clients. Rachel's recipe can provide help and information to a broader audience, streamline internal processes & make life easier for your sales team while capturing future business.

Here the directions:

1. Fry up an “Ask the Experts” form so you can receive questions and post the answers to your blog. This will help you identify common concerns and connect with individual customers, while generating content from Q&A’s.

2. After each customer completes an engagement with you, send a link to a form on your blog where he or she can share the experience with others.

3. Use these stories in your email marketing program and prominently feature these “incredible experiences” on your site.

The results speak for themselves as PetRelocation’s findings showed that normally, 1 in 10 opportunities sign a contract. However, when opportunities received emails with a customer story, that number increased to 1 in 4. Essentially, pet owners were 2.5 times more likely to become customers when they received a story.

Rachel adds one Master Marketing Chef Tip: "Create an open text field for client stories, and give them the opportunity to include a photo and Face- book identity. This way, you can tag them on Facebook when you share their experiences."

Ok time for one more cliche.

Turn up the heat on your marketing strategy by downloading the The Demand Gen Pro’s COOKBOOK 2. You'll see even more from Rachel's recipe as well as the recipes from the other five Marketing Master Chefs.


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