Good Email Deliverability Strategy Can Transform Your Marketing Program

Today’s email marketers are expected to manage email deliverability. In addition to everything else that goes into good email marketing, deliverability can no longer be ignored or left to chance. In fact, good email deliverability can significantly improve email marketing performance. Consider this: If you can deliver your email messages to the Gmail inbox rather than the spam folder, you’ll transform your email marketing program. If you can go from blocked to unblocked, you’ll see huge results from your efforts. Well, you can.

You may think you don’t have the expertise, or maybe you just don’t have time to spend on deliverability. The good news is, many ESPs now offer Deliverability Strategy as a service. The larger ESPs have been hiring deliverability experts, and offer various levels of deliverability consulting for a price. Don’t expect too much from the basic, but effective support levels included with most ESP accounts.

Deliverability Strategy engagements are typically a paid, premium service, and can be money well spent. A deliverability consultant at your ESP is already up to speed on what’s happening in the ever changing ISP landscape – what spam filtering changes Gmail has made recently, for example. They will know all the tricks to pull the most effective deliverability reports out of your email sending platform. They will be able to pull data and reports much faster and more efficiently than you can, because they do this all day long. This will be a time savings worth the expense alone, in many cases.

Oracle has a dedicated team of Deliverability Consultants helping clients everyday to improve the ROI of email through improved inbox placement. Clients who engage with a deliverability consultant at Oracle average 97+% inbox placement rates. This compares a national average inbox placement rate less than 80%.

A deliverability consultant at your ESP will have direct access to your email stream data, including bounces, open and click-through rates, complaint rates, unsubscribes, etc. This direct access allows your ESP consultant to provide you with real world recommendations and strategies based on your data, rather than industry best practices alone.

Good deliverability strategy will help you get unblocked if necessary, but more importantly, it will help you avoid blocking and filtering in the future. Your deliverability consultant will work with you to build long term strategies to ensure your email marketing programs reach the inbox and are seen by your customers. Ultimately, a good deliverability strategy will enable you to send more email without getting blocked or filtered.

The work of a good deliverability consultant augments the work of your email marketing team, so you can stop worrying about deliverability, and go back to being good email marketers again.

Email marketing is just one part of an overall content marketing strategy. For more on how content marketing can help you in your overall marketing download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing.

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