What Lies Ahead in 2016 and Other Mobile Marketing News

Another Friday means another Friday Five, your weekly roundup of five stories of news you can use from the world of marketing. This week's topic Mobile Marketing.

10 mobile marketing themes to look out for in 2016

With just a few weeks left in 2015, it’s time once again for my annual marketing predictions for 2016. Given that we all operate in an increasingly mobile-first world, it is only appropriate that this year we focus solely on mobile marketing.

1. Apps go mainstream

Last year, I correctly predicted app downloads will surpass Facebook friends and Twitter followers for most brands, and they continue to do so. In 2016, we will see more marketers looking to build greater utility and value in their mobile apps, opening the door for them to actively and aggressively promote their benefits across all channels.

Read the full story on ClickZ.

Google: Demographics Not As Good As Intent (Search) For Mobile Targeting

Facebook’s rich demographic and interest-based data have made it a powerful marketing platform and the major challenger to Google. But without mentioning Facebook by name, Google argues in a new “Think with Google” post that “consumer intent is more powerful than demographics” as a targeting methodology, especially in mobile.

Citing survey data from Millward Brown and other third party research, Google argues, “marketers who rely only on demographics to reach consumers risk missing more than 70 percent of potential mobile shoppers.” This is because demographics and audience targeting typically operate as a proxy for intent, according to Google, and don’t provide actual insight into what consumers are interested in right now: intent filled “micro moments.”

Read the full story on Marketing Land.

The biggest mobile marketing wins and losses of 2015

Mobile marketing amassed an impressive list of wins in 2015, from $30 billion in ad spend to surpassing desktop in search queries and television in time spent, with the biggest loss a lack of marketing opportunities tied to technology advances.

On a more granular level, 2015 saw mobile become more deeply entrenched in consumers’ lives, such as with the pairing of on-demand drivers and food delivery in UberEats and the introduction of accessible virtual reality via Google Cardboard.

Read the full story on Mobile Marketer.

Mobile Payments Are on the Rise

Once upon a time, a man said, “As far as I'm concerned, [technological] progress peaked with frozen pizza.” Well, that person spoke way too soon because now consumers have the option—and are taking advantage of the ability—to pay via mobile in-store. According to a new study from Retale, 61% of shoppers want to use mobile pay this holiday season—up from 56% last year. Also, the number of mobile device owners who have used mobile pay has increased from 36 to 43%.

Read the full story on Direct Marketing News.

Effects Of Mobile Marketing On Information Search Stage

After the consumer has developed a want or a need, the next thing he or she will do is start an information search regarding different alternatives that he/she can purchase to satisfy his/her need.

Information search can be done internally or externally. An internal information search consists of utilizing information from memory, such as past experiences with the product and/or service. An external information search is the process of utilizing information from outside environment.

Read the full story on Digital Doughnut.

The bottom line in is ours is a mobile world. That should come as no surprise to anyone. To help marketers succeed in the mobile marketing space, we created the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Mobile Marketing. Download it today and get tips on how to use smart data and signals to inform your mobile communication strategy and a lot more.


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