A Glimpse into the Future of Modern Marketing

Welcome to the future. Now that it is 2016, we have arrived at the next stage of modern marketing. To make sure you are prepared for the future, we have asked global experts for their thoughts about what will have the most impact in 2016. We've included some below, both in this post and in the short slide deck. Make sure you download the full ebook at the link below for more predictions of the future.

Erik Qualman, Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author, says companies need to understand millenials because half the world’s population is under 30. And 53% of them would give up their sense of smell before they gave up their phone.

Meagen Eisenberg, CMO of MongoDB, reminds marketers that they must be driving engagement and revenue in 2016. That’s their job!

Doug Kessler, Co-founder and Creative Director of Velocity, thinks it’s time to create the Center of Content Excellence to try to tame this content beast. Why? Because 76% of marketers will produce more content next year than this year.

Kushal Sanghvi, CEO of World Wide Open, says that the launch of 4G in India will impact how consumers interact and transact with brands. Marketers will be compelled to re-think their online investments and mobile commerce strategy.

Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA, warns that the skills and talent gap will continue to affect our ability to get the most out of data for some years to come. 90% of managers said recruiting analysts was harder than, or as hard as, last year.

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, reveals that sales enablement is the most important marketing function heading into 2016 to drive increased lead conversion and sales pipeline contribution.

Alp Mimaroglu, Marketing Luminary at Symantec, encourages modern marketers to build cohesive marketing technology stacks to ensure future success. This makes sense when 51% of marketing execs say their marketing technologies and data are only loosely integrated, or not at all.

Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy at NewsCred, connects two important trends shaping modern marketing. The changing digital consumer, along with the decreasing effectiveness of promotional advertising, is leading to the rise in brand storytelling techniques.

For more predictions on what the future of modern marketing looks like, as seen by global experts, download the full version of The Future of Modern Marketing: 2016.

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