37 Reasons to Attend the Modern Marketing Experience 2016

There is so much for modern marketers to do now that it is 2016, and one thing that should be high on the list is plan to attend the Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas from April 26-28, 2016. This will the place to be to soak up the latest and greatest that modern marketing has to offer.

You may have your own reasons to attend, but we have hand-selected this artisan-crafted list of 37 reasons why you want to attend this event. Research has shown that more of these apply to you than you will admit in public, but feel free to tweet the most relevant ones with #mme16.

1. Get inspired by World Class, Modern Marketers.

2. Be with people who get you.

3. Talk about lead generation and conversion rates to your heart’s content.

4. Cheer on your favorite marketers during the Markie Awards celebration.

5. Get hands-on time with awesome marketing technology.

6. Chat with the people who make the products.

7. Party with salespeople.

8. Visit Casa de Shenandoah (Wayne Newton’s house).

9. You never know who you’ll meet in the hallway.

10. You never know who you’ll meet in the bathroom.

11. The person sitting next to you might be a Markie Award winner.

12. The keynotes will blow your mind.

13. You will meet your daily recommended allowance of snacks.

14. Always hold at 17.

15. You get to double down…legally.

16. The carpeting at the MGM Grand is plush.

17. Hug a lion and live to tell about it.

18. Be dazzled by the wonder of marketing automation.

19. Marvel at the email marketing wizardry on display.

20. Define cross channel marketing and why your customers care.

21. Learn how a data management program will change your life

22. Discover the power of content marketing.

23. Think about social media in new ways.

24. A/B testing is just the beginning of optimizing your marketing.

25. Blog your ever-loving mind out.

26. Meet your next modern marketing mentor.

27. Throw hashtags like a ninja.

28. Discuss buyer personas over drinks.

29. Debate international spam requirements.

30. Share the latest lead nurturing best practices by the pool.

31. Dance the night away with your new best friends.

32. Show off your modern marketing smarts when you return to work.

33. Get a tattoo of your email click through rate.

34. Woo the locals with tales of creating the right content for the right buyer at the right time.

35. Flex your customer experience muscles in the sun.

36. The food.

37. Use the word orchestration in a sentence and not have anyone look at you funny.

Register today of the Modern Marketing Experience before the Super Early Bird discount expires and we’ll see you in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Sign Photo: Don Mammoser / Shutterstock.com


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