The Preferred Methods of Social Sharing by CMOs

Chief Marketing Officers, or CMOs to you and me, can be a very sociable bunch. Many are quite adept and active when it comes to their social media footprint. Last week via a Forbes post I shared some social CMO stats from 2015 including top hashtags shared by CMOs for the year and most popular publication, too.

Today, however, it\’s another installment of the CMO Social Stat of the month, courtesy of Oracle Marketing Cloud and Leadtail, a social strategy firm that has built a panel of over 1,000 B2B and B2C CMOs and marketing executives located in North America and active on Twitter. Leadtail uncovers social insights reports on CMOs and other decision makers.

Here\’s the CMO Social Stat of the month for January, 2016: Most Popular Social Sharing Apps & Platforms used by CMOs

Here are some thoughts on the data from Karri Carlson, VP Social Insights at Leadtail:

  • The Twitter website remains, despite the comings and goings of innumerable other options, the most broadly used way of getting content onto Twitter. 71% of the panelists shared at least one tweet from the website in January.
  • 8 of 18 platforms shown are primarily or pure-play mobile apps, so content marketers need to think about not only how to make content mobile-friendly (or better yet, mobile-first), but also ensure that the sharing experience is seamless from mobile devices, too. We still see a lot of content that isn\’t tagged to pull in the right headline or images. While you might be willing to work around those issues on your laptop, they\’re frankly just too much effort for most people to fool around with on a mobile device.
  • After peaking about 18-24 months ago, platforms that pump out frequent automated posts (IFTTT, SumAll, are still part of the social platform landscape, though the number of panelists using them has fallen into the single digits.

As Karri alluded to in her comments, mobile, unsurprisingly – plays a major role in the platforms and apps that CMOs prefer when it comes to social sharing. CMOs surely realize the importance of mobile and the overall role it plays.

To help CMOs along their path to mobile nirvana we created the aptly-titled CMO\’s Guide to Mobile Marketing. Download it today because mobile marketing is now as ubiquitous as digital marketing. As your brand\’s chief marketing officer, you need to be capitalizing on all the benefits of mobile marketing right now.

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