Cuddle Up With Some Social Media Stats This Valentine\’s Day

Please forgive my Hallmark-esque title but hey, it is Valentine\’s Day or at least it almost is. And come to think of it the title also sounds like the something from a Lifetime movie starring Tori Spelling. Not that there\’s anything wrong with that.

Regardless of whether or not the title is a little cutesy, the fact remains that marketers and social media are, well to borrow a line from the infographic below “feeling the social relationship.” The stats below come via a survey conducted in partnership with Social Media Today.

Some key takeaways include:

  • A majority of marketers are still relying on the standard social media KPIs such as shares and likes. That may have been sufficient a few years ago but today there are metrics such as brand sentiment that absolutely need to be measured and analyzed.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and LinkedIn continue to reign supreme when it comes to preferred social media platform.
  • Just a little more than half of marketers are using the data that is available to them via social media. While some may view that as a positive, I look at it the other way and wonder why that number is not higher – significantly higher. With the technology and platform options available today it (the number) should in fact be much higher.

There\’s much more to the story including how marketers are using mobile as part of their overall marketing strategy. Download the Social and Mobile Marketing Data Report today.


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