The Mobile Breakdown CMOs Need To Fix, Now

Right off the bat let me make one thing perfectly clear I will not proclaim 2016 to be the year of mobile. In fact I say we put a permanent moratorium on all such references because, well… the whole world is freakin mobile! So stop already with the “year of mobile” nonsense.

Ok, I got that off my chest. Thank you for letting me rant.

Where was I? Oh yes, The Mobile Breakdown CMOs Need To Fix, Now.

The breakdown can be summed via two eMarketer charts in their ubiquitous red,black and white color scheme.

To help aid you in your quest to find the breakdown you’ll notice I added in some yellow highlights accordingly. So on one hand you have nearly 50% of consumers saying they want real-time promotions sent to them via their mobile device in a given retail location And on the other hand you have more than 90% of retailers saying they don’t offer such functionality.

That of course is a huge breakdown because, as the saying goes, you need to give the customers what they want.

So why aren’t more marketers giving their customers and prospects what they want?

Well I think this is clearly an indication of marketers not knowing or realizing that there are technologies available right now that can help them deliver the kinds of things that consumers want. Then there are other marketers who choose to continue to use the same archaic tools for whatever reason, perhaps blind loyalty or a belief that cost will be an issue.

And to that I say “What’s the cost of not giving the customer what they want and when they want it.

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mobile world demands.

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