3 Ways to Leverage Data to Improve Cross Channel Marketing

Cross channel marketing provides a variety of opportunities for brands to foster relationships, as well as leverage data from these touch points to improve offers. Despite the promise of digital delivery and the universe of data points that marketers now have available, buyers still receive a fuzzy brand picture across channels due to? a broken marketing process.

Today’s marketers deal with a vast number of technologies and vendors to stitch together data assets to inform actions, but the manual execution of siloed systems causes marketing inefficiencies and an incomplete view of the customer. Ultimately this trickles down to perhaps the most detrimental aspect to business and the brand: a fragmented customer experience.

Here are three quick tips to help the data stewards in your organization have more meaningful conversations about how to improve cross channel marketing.

1. Appoint a team to complete a data audit

Assembling a team to address this undertaking is challenging, and likely will take a substantial period of time, but this hard work pays dividends. This will serve as a solid foundation to begin building improved data strategies.

2. Organize customer information by channel

This process dictates how data taxonomy is created so you can more effectively leverage information about your customers to refine marketing communications, offers, and activities relevant to each channel. Consider this step an additional strategic segmentation measure.

3. Develop a content customization strategy

Build on your groundwork. Now that you’ve identified trends and key patterns in the shopping and buying processes, record your strategy to support repeatable success engaging across channels.

Watch how our hero, Markie-award-winning marketer, Modern Mark and his trusty protege, Melanie Elle, learn about their own data to improve their customer experience.

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For more tips and strategies to optimize your data management strategy, check out the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Data Management.


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