What’s Your Favorite Modern Marketing Color?

Remember when you were a kid and someone asked you what your favorite color is. This could cause very heated conversations on the playground over the best color. And then there were those paper fortune tellers where you could determine the course of your whole life by picking a series of numbers and colors.

As you’ve grown into a professional adult, the idea of a favorite color has changed considerably. You no longer fight about your favorite, but it may inform your wardrobe choices or your decor choices. If you work for a company with strong color-based branding, this color may inform your daily life as a modern marketer. In our world of Oracle, the color red plays a prominent role.

But what if you are a designer and you need to use different colors to distinguish different products in an event guide. This is less about branding or secondary colors, but more as a visual wayfinding device. Have you ever followed the blazes on trees while hiking or a painted line on a hospital floor? This is the same kind of color choice. Can this color stand for this thing? Does it have meaning? Will people remember it?

The session guide for the Modern Marketing Experience has been released and each product section is indicated by a color. Below are the listings from the guide.

  • Red: Bold = marketing automation for B2B marketers
  • Maroon: Complex = cross channel marketing for B2C marketers
  • Yellow: Optimism = data management
  • Orange: Exciting = content marketing
  • Blue: Trust = testing and optimization
  • Gray: Balance = best practices

Do these color choices match your product preferences? If you are interested in diving into the psychology of color for branding way beyond that infographic you’ve seen (which is included), here’s a great blog post from HelpScout.

If you are looking for an opportunity to discover your favorite modern marketing color and proudly display it, register today for the Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas. The theme of the event is How Modern Marketing Works for You, so you can look forward to learning about what works and what’s next in modern marketing.

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